Member Voices

1. What Fukuoka’s seminar is like?

・Fukuoka’s seminar is an attractive place for students who are hungry for knowledge. Every week, a fair amount of readings are assigned and we all must be prepared to discuss them during class. Students who are really hungry for knowledge not only finish the readings, but complete further research and analysis to share during discussion time. By completing this extra work, not only does the professor think highly the student, but more importantly, the student has taken the initiative and has shown responsibility towards the task. (Manaki, 2017)

・Fukuoka’s seminar is one of the biggest seminars in terms of the number of students. We have members of various backgrounds, which enables us to stimulate each other by expressing our various thoughts through weekly discussions and presentations. The seminars are sometimes tough, having to tackle number of readings and preparing for presentations. However, we try to enjoy ourselves and have fun at the same time. The class sempais are very friendly and there is no strict sempai/kohai atmosphere so it gives all of us more chance to speak out in class. (Misaki, 2017)

・One of the features of Fukuoka’s seminar is that the seminar is student led. We are very active in both presentations and discussions, with all students getting involved. Everyone respects each other’s opinion, so there is no need to be afraid of expressing your own thought. (Hitomi, 2017)

・Our seminar is very proactive and we are always exploring and trying to find something new and interesting. If you join us, you can help shape this seminar too. (Kae, 2017)

・We divided our seminar into three groups based on what we are really interested in and each group do presentations every week. So that we can learn from each other and teach each other. I believe that by joining this seminar and sharing ideas with professor Fukuoka and other students, we can expand our possibilities. (Kei, 2016)

・This seminar allows us to learn about global strategic management by dividing the class into 3 groups: business model, marketing and PR, and cultural communication. The class is student based lecture where 2 groups present what they have read and gained. Not only presentations, but discussions after each presentation to deepen our understanding and to critically looking at each topic. I like how the class is organized since we are able to learn about the other aspects as well as our own. From the discussions and presentations, I want to be able to critically think and be able to speak out my own opinion in a global mind through investigating and learning from others. I am happy to take part in the new generation of this seminar. (Rio, 2016)

・Fukuoka’s seminar is a demanding class with lots of reading and presentations. I meant it in a good way! Everything we learn in class is definitely interesting and helping us understands the “big” management of business. (Mayu, 2016)

・In this seminar, we learn what is international business from 3 points of view: the business model, PR, and culture. (Honami, 2016)

・Fukuoka’s seminar is a place where all students participate well and work hard to pursue their interests in the field of business.  It is not only a class where we all work seriously but it is a place where we can all have fun in a serious-friendly atmosphere. (Daiki, 2016)

・In the seminar, students are independent, and mainly the seminar is conducted by the members. Being a member of Dr. Fukuoka’s seminar means you have to read a lot, think a lot and discuss a lot to keep up, but from that every member learns a lot. Although I wrote that the seminar is mainly conducted by the members, of course Dr. Fukuoka is always there for us when we need help. I am really honored to be the first generation of this seminar. (Yuhei, 2016)

・Fukuoka’s seminar is fun but it is not something that’s easy, as we have a lot of readings, discussion and presentations. Yet, all the members work hard together and we have great and meaningful times. The atmosphere of this seminar is really good I think and everyone is close no matter how old you are! (Ren, 2016)

・Fukuoka’s seminar is like being at home. We study business in groups and can learn various aspects of business practice and theory. The class is also very small so it’s easy to study in class. (Yuka, 2016)

・We usually run this seminar by ourselves, which means that our individual works are essential and very important. I’m studying about business model in my group. I am hoping to make this seminar even better with students planning to enroll in this seminar next year. (Kaho, 2016)

・In addition to the acquisition of academic knowledge which includes international businesses, strategies and communications, you will have a lot of opportunities to develop your critical/logical thinking and presentation skills through engaging in Dr. Fukuoka’s seminar. This seminar is divided into 3 groups, including intercultural communication, business model and PR marketing. Each week, we have presentations from 2 groups and have fruitful discussions. (Sakiko, 2016)

・One of our seminar’s principles is “work, hard play hard”. We do classwork seriously while having fun. Our seminar is a pretty open environment. If you have an idea, you can speak to the class and start discussing about it. That’s how we do it. (Taiki, 2016)

・It has been my honor to join Dr. Fukuoka’s seminar. I’ve been waiting for opportunities like this. I’m truly excited about things we are going to do with all the seminar members; the business contest, summer camp etc… We are serious about our seminar work, but at the same time we are trying to be relaxed and have fun. Just like what Dr. Fukuoka says, “Work hard, play hard”. (Sachiko, 2016)

・Fukuoka’s seminar is a place where all students are involved and try their best to make something good out of every week’s classes. But also at the same time we try to have fun with the members and creating strong friendship between senior and junior students.In my opinion our seminar has a fun and positive atmosphere. We work hard when we have to and the rest of the time we chat with each other and have fun with the members. Also I feel that seminar is one of the few places where junior and senior students of GIS can become close. (Ken, 2016)

・Although the seminar is still new, indeed having a seminar with three major core fields; Business Model, Marketing & PR and Culture & Communication, is useful in a way that you could learn broader and diverse things at one time. Having our healthy discussions after presentations and going through every detail explained by our professor really helped us learn not just basics but the true essence of a business world in the book and in the reality. (Angel, 2016)


2. Reasons why I joined Fukuoka’s seminar

・I’ve taken Dr. Fukuoka’s classes many times in my first and second year. Because I have learned so much about business from him, it made me want to know more about the field. I like both the way he teaches and his personality. Also, when I visited the open seminar, I liked the atmosphere and this was key in helping me to make my decision. (Kae, 2017)

・The reason why I decided to join Fukuoka’s seminar is because I was interested in the field of business. I have been taking Dr. Fukuoka’s courses since I was a freshman and I wanted to gain a deeper understanding of his field. (Hitomi, 2017)

・I chose to join this seminar because I simply wanted to gain knowledge about business after taking some business-related courses in my freshman and sophomore year. I also was interested in joining Fukuoka’s seminar because I liked the open atmosphere I experienced when visiting the open zemi last fall. (Misaki, 2017)

・There are two main reasons why I joined Fukuoka’s seminar. The first reason is because of the atmosphere created by the students in the class. Not only are we rivals, but also members of a great team who can accomplish the class motto of “work hard, play harder” together. The second reason is the content of the course. In this class, students can learn the various factors of business and marketing through multicultural perspectives. (Manaki, 2017)

・One of the reason as to why I decided to join this seminar was because of my personal interest in the field of marketing and PR. Advertising products or services are very crucial in our consumer world and how to boost profits. (Daiki, 2016)

・I joined this seminar from the reason that I wanted to gain business knowledge and wanted to discuss my thoughts with other members of the seminar. (Yuhei, 2016)

・I’m interested in advertising and PR so I chose this seminar. Thanks to the three core systems, I can learn about other fields too, besides my interests with my kind and fun members. (Mari, 2016)

・I joined Fukuoka’s seminar because I want to work for a multinational corporation in the near future. (Kei, 2016)

・The reason I decided to take this seminar is because the focus of the seminar is on students. So, we have to proactively learn in the classroom. When I took his business negotiation class, it was fun to consider cultural differences. So I wanted to learn more about them through this class. Also, I wanted to improve my speaking ability. We give weekly speeches in class in groups and it has pushed me to improve. (Yuka, 2016)

・The reason why I decided to join Fukuoka seminar is because I like to talk about business in general and it is the perfect place for me to conduct my research on “Regional Brands”. (Taiki, 2016)

・The reason why I joined this seminar is insufficient compare to the other students…. However, I’m getting more and more interested in to this field thanks to this seminar! I think I made a right choice on choosing seminar so far 😀 !! (Mayu, 2016)

・I’ve decided to join Fukuoka seminar because I took part in an international business contest a few years before, and I am interested in more academic business. (Nami, 2016)

・I decided to join this seminar because I am interested in joining multinational cooperation in the future. I am especially interested in cultures and communications.  I want to start with understanding our own Japanese national color and how we act in business scenes in order to contrast the differences with other cultures. (Rio, 2016)

・I’ve had an interest towards business since I was in high school. And in GIS they provide business or economics classes however I wanted to go more further than those classes provided therefore I chose Fukuoka seminar to deepen my knowledge and thoughts in the field of business. (Ken, 2016)

・I joined this seminar as I am dreaming of having my own hotel business someday. Having only little knowledge in business field, I know this seminar will fill what’s lacking in me to be successful and be productive in my future career and my future business plans. Dr. Fukuoka is a considerate professor, always letting us express our opinions and share a lot of things about business and his experience which helps us visualize our focus in this field. (Angel, 2016)


3. What is Dr. Fukuoka like?

・Dr. Fukuoka is very kind and always gives us beneficial advice. In addition, he communicates kindly with all the students and is easy to talk to. (Hitomi, 2017)

・I feel he aims to connect his lessons to the real world, so it is always easy to understand the concepts he is talking about. He really dedicates his time to the students, helping to broaden our horizons. Also, he he encourages students to try many things, not just studying. He is very focused, but at the same time he is very friendly and has a good understanding of his students. (Kae, 2017)

・Dr. Fukuoka is a kind professor. He is very supportive and always tries to push the seminar members to study harder and at the same time, he encourages us to also play harder outside the classroom. He often emphasizes the importance of being able to balance both school and time outside the classroom. (Misaki, 2017)

・Since Dr. Fukuoka has gained experience as a university student, businessman, and an educator, he is a person who has a wealth of knowledge and can view things from  various perspectives. He understands the most effective ways to both teach and influence us. (Manaki, 2017)

・Dr. Fukuoka set the slogan of the seminar “work hard, play harder”. In class we stick to this slogan and we work seriously doing presentations, group discussions and so on. We play harder outside class with everyone including the professor. (Daiki, 2016)

・Dr. Fukuoka is a very hardworking and enthusiasm about study during the classes yet funny and friendly at the same time. Sensei is also a great adviser for my career path and tells me tips on job hunting anytime. (Ren, 2016)

・Dr. Fukuoka is easy to talk to. He made time for my group to talk outside of class about our textbook change. He’s very helpful and reliable as a teacher. He always thinks the proactivity of members is the most important. So he respects what we want to do most in the seminars. (Yuka, 2016)

・Dr. Fukuoka, who is my favorite teacher, is always willing to help students and is very supportive. I really enjoy studying with everyone in this seminar who is always hardworking and friendly. (Sakiko, 2016)

・Dr. Fukuoka kindly gives me appropriate advice for my studies and future goals. (Mari, 2016)

・Dr. Fukuoka creates a friendly atmosphere where it lets everyone actively participate in discussions and questions. (Rio, 2016)


4. What are the members like?

・The members of the seminar are friendly and are cooperative in trying to create a good atmosphere. We all try our best to support each other in our studies and get the most out of our seminar activities. (Misaki, 2017)

・All members are friendly and the senpai/kouhai are very close. We have fun together not only in the class, but also outside the class as well. (Hitomi, 2017)

・There are many seminar members who likes to “work hard, play harder”. Team work is essential in this seminar and students encourage each other to work together. (Kae, 2017)

・Students from Fukuoka’s seminar are not only earnest students who complete their work, but are also members who can joke around and have fun. Together, we create a great atmosphere and work hard, play hard. (Manaki, 2017)

・Dr. Fukuoka’s seminar has great members who are always willing to participate and cooperate in the seminar. We always share our different opinions and looking from each other’s perspective help us look at both sides of the story. With the Professor’s advice we are corrected and led to have the right thinking and the right direction towards this field of study. (Angel, 2016)

・In Fukuoka’s seminar there is no strict senpai/kouhai atmosphere so I think everyone has a good time in the Fukuoka’s seminar. (Ken, 2016)

・The seminar members are very friendly and we all work well together and get along. (Daiki, 2016)