Title of the Final Research Paper

2016 (tentative)

・Advertising and the Internet

・The future of the advertising industry and business

・Developent of Halal business in Japan

・Raising customer satisfaction -how does CS affect business?

・The Study on BOP business model   -social contribution and growing profts in a company

・The cost reduction by using child labor and the impact of corporate scandal

・The study of Electronic Commerce

・China’s future economic after abolition of the one child policy

・The relation between behaviour of managers and efficiency of creating cultural sinergy

・Why Japanese companies advance into overseas markets?

・Expanding businesses internationally

・Reconsideration about the effectiveness of the out of home media

・Curent status and issues of startups in Japan  -in comparison with startups in the US

・Contents industy in Japan  -movie industry

・How a region can success by using regional brand?