✓Speak English

✓Be considerate to zemi members

✓Be sure to reply to professors’ email within 24 hours


Learning Attitude

✓Do your best in everything; preparation, presentation, discussion, etc.

*Discussion questions should be submitted by Wednesday.

*Presentation materials should be submitted by Friday morning.

✓Be punctual; never be late, comply with all deadlines

✓Never be absent without leave / rational reasons

No credit is given for three absences in a semester without leave / rational reasons

*rational reasons include;

1) Job interview (needs to be proven in some way that you have been interviewed)

* Company information seminar is not regarded as a rational reason as you can choose a date and time from many slots provided by a company

2) Sickness (needs to be proven in some way that you had been sick)

3) Accident (e.g. traffic accident)

4) Bereavement

✓No internet connection (netsurfing, Line, Facebook, etc.) is allowed in the class unless needed



✓Speak actively

✓Listen to others

✓Don’t be dogmatic

✓Be conscious of being “academic” and “logical”


Graduation research paper 

✓Be sure to submit the best quality graduation research paper



✓Participate in our events; get-together party, welcome party, farewell party, summer training camp, etc.


Any member who cannot comply with the principles and rules above is dismissed from our team.