Message to would-be members


Welcome to my seminar website! I’m Dr. Fukuoka, a tenured associate professor at GIS. My seminar mainly focuses on international business management from a strategic view point. In my seminar, you will learn;

・Academic knowledge necessary in international business and management through reading textbooks and case studies*, making presentations, and participating in discussions, which are all linked to the real world. Above all, a high quality research paper submitted before your graduation drastically enhances your knowledge. *We sometimes use case methods being currently used by the MBA program in Western countries. (e.g. Harvard Business School)

・Significant skills necessary for global society; such as critical thinking, skills to work cooperatively with others, skills for presentation, and skills for leadership.

・Diverse value, which has been one of the key features of my seminar, through working together with seminar members.

・Friendship through academic learning where you are given a lot of opportunities to devote yourself to challenges which will be your food and precious memories in the future.


In case you want to break from your hard work, our regular fun activities such as summer training camp in early September and get-together party after each semester help you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Above all, they are good opportunities for you to make friendships with seminar members stronger.


The qualities an ideal member would have would be a person who;

・Actively participates in the seminar

・Likes to talk about business schemes and business strategy

・Likes to analyze companies’ strategies and their core competencies

・Wants to work for a MNC (Multinational Corporation), right after graduating from GIS, or start a business in the future

・Studies hard and plays hard

・Is ambitious

・Respects the opinion of others


I strongly believe that my seminar expands your horizons and digs deeper into international business management which is indispensable for students who want to play an active role in the global arena in the future. I am also convinced that it will become the most comfortable and memorable place both in your campus and general life. Our door is always open for you! Why don’t you join us?

Takamasa Fukuoka, PhD